Company Profile


Lakhani Infinity Footcare Private Limited is a leading Supplier  of premium quality Footwear Products. The company has started as the innovative setup of Lakhani dynasty known as the Footwear People .The companywhich established in the year 2013has effectively placed itself in the Footwear Industry. The Promotors of the Company are blessed with knowhow of over than 30 years in the footwear Industry and witnessed the changing equations of this Industry.

Lakhani Infinity Footcare Private Limited   market Footwear which includes Sports Shoes,Canvas Shoes, Slippers, Sandals, Bellys , Hawai Chappals and Other Premium quality Footwear. The Company supplies footwear of a wide range of design, sizes and Color, The products are designed with an aim to provide comfort and durability for its users. The aim of the Company is to provide best quality at affordable price.

The company has adopted goodquality management system and other methodologies which has enhanced its competitiveness among the other players in the Industry. The range of company’s products are for all ages and meant for all genders. The range of the company’s product are very popular among people. 

Lakhani Infinity Footcare Private Limited  has a strong marketing base within the country , where we have a strong welltrained and organized sales team covering the whole country. Our Products  are being marketedin our own brand all over the country. Pace, Breezer, School Topper , Lakhani Hawai are some of our popular brands.

Lakhani Infinity Footcare Private Limited products are not only supplied to various super distributors among country but also a trusted supplier in Govt of India ‘s Khadi Gramodhog Bhandar etc.

Lakhani Infinity Footcare Private Limited  has a strong innovation team which focus on improvement of existing products andintroduction of new products as per the market feedback and needs identified by our marketingteam.

The company has plan to introduce many innovative products with underline principle of Comfort and Modernity to facilitate better Customer care through innovation in line with our philosophy of dynamic development.

The Indian Youth are energetic, experimental and full of life. To enhance their total “ SWAG” the company’s vision is to provide them eye catching fashionable footwear with  other sports gears and apparels like Jackets, Watches , Tops, T-shirts , Caps Sneakers etc.